Baptism of the Lord
January 12, 2003
Reading I: Isaiah 42:1-4,6-7 II: Acts 10:34-38
Mark 1:7-11

7 He preached to the people saying, "After me there will come one who is mightier than I am;
8 I have baptized you with water, but he will baptize you in the Holy Spirit. As for me, I am not worthy to bend down and untie his sandals."
9 At that time Jesus came from Nazareth, a town of Galilee, and was baptized by John in the Jordan.
10 And the moment he came up out of the water, Heaven opened before him and he saw the Spirit coming down on him like a dove.
11 And these words were heard from Heaven, "You are my Son, my beloved one, whom I have chosen."

Interesting Details
One Main Point

Jesus of Nazareth is revealed directly by His Father to be the Son of God. Jesus is the voice we should listen to.

  1. Placing myself at the Jordan river, I imagine that I am standing in line with the penitents of Israel. How do I feel, knowing that Jesus stands in the same line with me?
  2. In my life, I am exposed to the teachings of many conflicting groups. Whose teachings has influenced me in my actions?

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